8 Summer FASHION TRENDS Worth Trying in 2019!

In today’s article we’re gonna be talking about AIDS summer trends that I think are worth trying so in the past sometimes I’ll do videos where I’ll buy and we’ll kind of test out trends and there’ll be a hit there’ll be a miss but in this video there’s eight solid things that I really really desire and I recommend a trying if you like them so I do want to say a big thank you to BestAliProducts for tips with them

You guys know how much I desire Aliexpress and you really can find some stunning trendy clothes there they’ve got classic bits as well but but I genuinely do like to start there each season and kind of find some things that I want to add to my wardrobe and kind of spruce it up a bit so without further ado let’s get into this video and per usual.

We’re gonna start off with what I am wearing and this is an off-the-shoulder piece by free people and I do really want to say there’s usually something ever going on with shoulders there was the cold shoulder there’s the one shoulder and right now I actually think off the shoulder is a big trend this summer and I time was intended to likewise say a few words about shoulders it’s very hard to find a good shoulder fragment because oftentimes they fell out of or they’re too tight and they’re just ultra embarrassing but chaps I’m telling you this is so perfect I enjoy this slouse it just stays there and it does it’s not unpleasant it doesn’t move and it’s just it’s just a really really good off the shoulder bit and you know you can pair it with suddenlies garments it’s just a really good neutral article to have highly recommend so let’s move on to number two the next thing I want to talk about are actually my earrings so these Wicker or various kinds of like basket knit earrings we’re visit those that form a great deal actually in handbags but this is a really great way to incorporate it into your vogue in your outfit with just a simple pair of inexpensive earrings and I really really enjoy these they’re by BP I speculate again I don’t remember the exact price but they are very terribly inexpensive and I just love again how neutral they are they definitely make a statement so there are a lot different than the usual earrings I wear but it’s just it’s cool to kind of add in and we’re here and there and it exactly it exactly changes up your vogue but this is definitely a trendy piece the basket entwine I’m seeing everywhere and I really affection how it’s incorporated into earrings list three I’m really excited to share with you about because I was so thorough in picking out this next pair of shoes I knew I required a pair of shoes like this they’re very popular right now but there’s just being produced by countless firebrands because everybody wants to buy them so I wanted to find the right one and I eventually decided on ugh and I did that based on all of them like so many reviews of how cozy these programme sandals are so these are platform sandals they come in a lot of shades I really wanted a neutral pigment again so I got them in white there’s kind of like a tan crest and there’s like I said there platform they give you some altitude they give you not so much heel you know it’s very flat but they’re so comfortable guys I altogether is in agreement with all of the reviews and I really really recommend these and they’re for sure a huge trend in 2019 especially for the summer.

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You can do your own research and decide which label and which mode you really want to go for but I truly do study these are very comfortable and I’ll be wearing them all summer long alright so this wasn’t next to show you I frequently have like a directory of the lineup that I want to go in time to kind of stimulate the video flow well but I just can’t I have to talk about this because I’m freaking obsessed with this handbag the reason that I do think that this is kind of like a trendy piece for this summer is because little shoulder bags like little short-lived assaults are super in right now I kind of conceive Fendi is what started this trend with their rework browned relaunched baguette luggage so this bag is definitely it’s it’s small but it’s actually not too small and it has this really cool like Python outside it has this tortoise shell chain and it’s just gorgeous okay so again it is by BP it’s a highly you know trendy inexpensive crate and you guys know how much I adoration purses but simply the shape of this luggage in general is really what we’re going to be seeing a lot more of and and when I saw this I exactly knew I had to have it it’s just stunning it’s just so pretty and it matches over your shoulder it’s just so nice I intend look at it the next tendency value trying are Bermuda shorts or longer short-liveds and I realized that Bermuda shorts aren’t anything new I feel like through the years that kind of come in they come out but for the summer 2019 I certainly think they are back in for sure and some people are I’m sure gonna be really excited about that because to be totally honest they are freaking comfortable they are so comfortable and the ones I’m wearing are buy made well and again I feel like I’m a interruption record when it comes to made well I’m preoccupied with that brand they are so true to size I’m always the same size and everything always fits me so perfectly and and these specific short-spokens are they’re not extremely distressed there’s a little of fraying at the bottom so it commits it a neat oppose but I certainly feel like you know I are actually wear them with anything and they’re a great pair of longer Bermuda shorts that I can have throughout the summer enormous aspect and I can really throw them on with pretty much anything like this really nice off the shoulder transcend so everything kind of works together all right so this next trend I have been talking about since the start of the year and I am fully aware it is very hard to do because it’s tie-dye but I lastly knew a really easy and enormous road to incorporate it into your wardrobe if you want to and it’s with this skirt because this skirt is done so well it’s my Topshop and I think what works so well is the dyes and it’s a long pleated skirt so you know you could wear this in the winter but I do think it’s great for time because it’s so flowy it’s it’s pleated and it has this cool like scarf necktie right here I could you know I could wear it with what I’m wearing right now even it’s just a great classy fragment that if you’ve been wanting to do tie-dye because I’m sure you’ve seen how it’s this the cool thing to do but you can do it ultimately with this skirt and you’ll actually ogle good the next time veer that I think is worth trying are overalls and I’m fully aware that some people will either affection this or detest

But again I do think it’s at least worth trying if you can find a pair or a piece that you really like so this is different than the normal overall that you envision a great deal of time you visualize just classic denim but these are green and I think that’s kind of what attract me to them I can also link some other classic ones down below because they are out there but emphatically throw give these a try they’re kind of like a one-stop shop outfit you merely find a nice top kind of like this and you can throw this on and you kind of have an instant outfit it’s a little bit different a little of an element of catch parties probably won’t expect you to wear it but it’s super cute it’s a really cute little kit volume and like like an update to to your attire this season speaking of instant outfits I changed into this jumpsuit because believe it or not jumpsuits are still trending for this summer and I affection them because you literally time pitch them on and walk out the door and you look great but this one is probably one of my all-time favorites.

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