Affordable Makeup Finds

today I’m talking to you guys all about affordable drugstore makeup hey you guys a walk-on I’m back into millennial moms if you guys are new and love for you guys to subscribe I hit in that red button down below and given this video a big ol thumbs up so going to the drugstore can be so overwhelming with all these different products all these different brands and everything and so I’m here to give you my top 12 affordable makeup drugstore items.

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we are gonna jump right into item number one now if you guys are a eye liner person this Wet n Wild mega liner is so affordable I believe it is under three dollars I think it’s like two something they used to be at all or something but now it’s two something I think it’s $2.99 but this product works so good at lasts all day long for me it doesn’t crack it does have a little of felt-tip and so it really goes ahead and gets like if you want a good wing it really goes ahead and just get the job done I always get this in black and also brown so if you are more of a gel eyeliner mama out there this Maybelline eye studio I get in blackest black is the perfect one I used to get the Mac gel liner and this one is so comparable to that and it is a fraction of the cost so I would rather go to the drugstore get maybelline versus buying a Mac product when they pretty much just work the exact same way it goes on smooth it’s nice and creamy it stays on all day it doesn’t smudge or anything like that this is the perfect gel liner from the drugstore next up we’re talking about concealers and this is my favorite concealer from the drugstore of all the time in fact this is a concealer that I grab for even over in a my high-end one and this is a Maybelline that’s another Maybelline product fit me concealer I just love this stuff it definitely goes ahead and does the job it’s not drying it’s hydrating it covers up the dark circles some concealers that you get from the drugstore really go ahead and just give you a real sheer coverage this definitely goes ahead and gives you the coverage that you need along with a coverage that you’re sticking with Maybelline of course I like to use the superstay better skin and this is a skin transforming powder so this powder is a nice and fine it definitely feels like creamy and jazz and buttery I feel like it doesn’t have that powdery look on your face when you’re putting it on again drugstore super affordable Maybelline is just folding it down I mean three products in a row and these are my go-to I just grabbed this over my high-end Urban Decay one so definitely go ahead and track this next up is another wet and wild product again just super affordable but yet it’s a great product that they are putting in these cases so this is a wet n Wild mega Glo contour palette and this is in the caramel and toffee and this has a yellow kind of a powder on one side which I am almost currently out of along with a bronzer this yellow part is the part that you want to put on over the concealers over the concealer part that you put on your face so if you put concealer on your chin on the bridge of your nose do a little bit of your forehead underneath your eyes and that’s where the yellow goes and then the bronzer goes ahead and goes on basically the high points of your face and what I like about this product as well if it does have little picture on the back that kind of walks you step-by-step sticking alongside with what in wild I’m telling you they are just affordable and great product they actually rebound to this formula I want to say maybe like a year ago two years ago and it is a better than ever these are their blushes they are the color icon blushes they have so much pigment the creaminess of them they really just go on your cheek and a lot of times for the blushes from the drugstore they kind of like melt away or they just don’t stay on all day these blushes stay on all day they are I believe like under three dollars once again and I have I want to say four or five of them in my collection because once I came out with that new formula it was even better than before so I had to make sure I got them all and the good thing about these two is they are cruelty free so I have two more bronzers in my collection only because they are just that good so on the more affordable side is NYC and this is the smooth skin bronzing and face and this is in the color sunny and I have already hit pan on it and I do have to say that this is kind of a do before the benefit hoola bronzer I absolutely love that bronzer as well but when I’m on a budget watching mode I’m spending I will definitely go ahead and grab this because it works just as good so if you want to spend just a little bit more money and you’re not too sensitive to sense then the Physicians Formula butter bronzer is the way to go if you guys have not heard everybody raving about this bronzer I don’t know where you guys have been but this bronzer smells like a tropical island getaway it smells like coconuts it smells just like that tropical scent of like bananas and coconuts and pineapple and it is creamy it is buttery hence butter bronzer and it does come in a two colors and this is the bronzer and I believe it comes in light as well talking about a lip product I would not be able to do a fordable drugstore video on makeup without mentioning my favorite lip liner of all time it is a dollar ninety-nine and it is by essence they have amazing just smooth lip liners and this is in the color soft berry it’s what I’m wearing today it is just hands-down my favorite lip liner I put it with like every lipstick another one of my favors is by NYX and it is a butter gloss these are my favorite lip glosses at the drugstore my favorite hands-down is tara misu you guys watch my personal channel you guys know I love tiramisu I am currently out of it and I can’t find it in the store so I think I might have to order it but my second favorite is creme brulee which is right here and I’m wearing this along with the SN software e on my lips right now it just gives kind of just a real natural like pink color to your lips so I have two more products and the next one is and by elf I don’t know the exact name to this because it doesn’t have a name on it it just says darken but this is for your eyebrows elf has a really really great product that is super affordable I believe this is $3 so it has one side that is a powder and then another one that is kind of like a gel kind of texture and they just work oh so good together this is a really inexpensive way to go ahead and fill in those eyebrows and not break the bank so this product is a new to me I have had it for very long but this is the air spud loose face and powder and I have it in translucent extra coverage I always say like Patrick Starr talk about this and a couple other big makeup youtubers as well so I got it I have it on my face today and I love it it’s definitely very very fine it kind of has a little bit little bit of like a beige kind of tint to it but it comes off completely transparent and I just love this already you guys that is it I hope you guys enjoyed and this affordable drugstore makeup I love these products I feel like they do good on my sensitive skin I haven’t had any issues with any of them and I’ve been using all of them except for the air spud one for a very long time now so I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know down below what your guys’s affordable drugstore makeup is so I can make sure to go check it out because I am a makeup girl.