Best Jewelry Organization Ideas

I’m an organization enthusiast I pretty much go around my house and organize every room every area I could think of and today I’m finally getting around to doing jewelry and accessories organization you guys have been asking for this for so long and this week I want to do something a little different I’m calling it DIY or EUI so I’m going to show you a few different DIY jewelry organization ideas so if you want to make something more unique and personalized we have options or if you just want to buy something if you don’t have time to do something yourself I’m going to show you some cool jewelry organizers that I found online.

I tend to wear the same five or six pieces of jewelry on rotation for the past two years or so so now I’m going to always have fresh gorgeous pieces of jewelry to be wearing in my videos so I’m pretty excited about this and can we take a moment for the earrings that I got in my first box I think these are probably the most beautiful earrings I’ve ever seen I’m going to get a close-up shot for you guys because they’re stunning if you fall in love with any of the jewelry you get in your box.

I’m going to have the cutest jewelry now first we’re going to start off with our DIY jewelry organizers the first one is super cute and really easy you just want to start off with a canvas print that you like I found this one at t.j.maxx on sale for 399 then you want to attach these little hooks to the bottom of the picture so you screw them in on the bottom of the frame first drill a hole and then you just screw them in one by one I have these set one and a half inches apart and that’s it this is so cute and it becomes functional art this is best for organizing and displaying during necklaces and I am just in love with this it’s probably one of my favorite DIYs I’ve ever done and it’s so simple and easy this next one is even easier you only need two items to make this a frame and a decorative metal sheet I found this for just a few dollars on Amazon so you just pop everything out of your frame including the glass and then you put inside of it that metal sheet press down the little tabs on the frame to secure it into place and that’s all you have to do the little holes in the metal we’re perfect for hanging dangly earrings and they make a beautiful display that you could hang on your wall so this could not be an easier to make and I think it’s so pretty this last one is a little bit more involved which is so beautiful I think it’s totally worth it so you start with an 18 piece of cuts I would I just had them cut it for me at Home Depot and I’ll have all the exact measurements linked down below I’m going to first start by putting a wall hanging mount on the back of your plywood before you do anything else then you paint your wood you can use a real wood stain or if you’re lazy like me you can use Old English so that I found at Target it works just fine and then you want to stain or paint your wood you can use any color stain or paint whatever is going to go to decor in your home I kind of like this look of the dark wood and the light wood so the next piece here is to get some 18 inch wooden dowels you want one long piece of 18 inches and then you want to cut four pieces so two to be 16 inches and then two of them to be 14 inches so when you arrange them all together like this they make this cool hexagon shape next take some strong glue I use e6000 and glue on your pieces of wood dowels evenly spaced apart on your piece of plywood minor q & a half inches apart let this dry for several hours or overnight and that’s it you have this gorgeous jewelry organizer that honestly looks like a piece of artwork I think this is just so gorgeous this works perfectly for hanging earrings because the dowels are the perfect size for the hooks to go around also you can hang rings bracelets and necklaces from this so I just absolutely love this one and I actually made a second one that I’m going to be giving away so check out the description box if you want more information about that now in case you don’t feel like DIY and here are some cool jewelry organizers that I found on Aliexpress.

cermaic jewelry tray

The first is a great space saver so this is an earring organizer in a book format that I thought was really clever this works well for stud earrings and angry airings really compact you can basically just flip through all the pages browse all your jewelry at once this is also great if you’re traveling next is this collapsible display this is an acrylic jewelry display that you can either open it up so everything is displayed all at once you can visually see all the jewelry you have or you can fold it into itself in a bit comfy nice and compact and this works for displaying all different types of jewelry so necklaces bracelets creams and earrings will all work on this one this is one of my favorites it’s a clear box with little compartments inside there’s 32 small trays and this works really well for study earrings and rings I like that it’s simple its sleek and because it has that clear top to it you can just quickly look and see everything you have this wall hanging mount is a simple and straightforward option but I did want to show it because I thought you can use this for other things beyond just displaying your necklaces you can also hang your hats scarves ties or even sunglasses from that for a couple different traveling options if you’re traveling light I liked this jewelry display case it almost looks like a wallet and it’s designed to hold all different types of jewelry so your earrings go over on the right side and this little clip on display in the middle section you can put your rings and then over on the left is an area for you to clip in your necklaces and bracelets and they’re nice and secured down because they’re not going to fly all over the place now if you’re traveling and you want to bring a lot of jewelry with you

I liked it this option and you’ve probably seen something similar to this that this has some unique features that I want to point out the first are these clear pockets in the front that you can put whatever jewelry earrings rings bracelets then on the backside that have these velcro strips that you can use to put your necklaces on and they’re nice and secured down when you want it on display you put a hanger inside of it like this and you can hang it in your closet or on the back of the door and then when it’s time to leave it pulls up you can put it in your suitcase alright guys so those are my tips for this week if you did enjoy seeing the style of some DIY options and also some options you can buy then give us a thumbs up and if this gets enough likes and I will do my future organization videos like this so definitely give me your feedback also I’m very curious to hear from you what is your favorite article of jewelry to wear for me personally I’m an earrings girl I feel make it if I’m not wearing earrings let me know what’s your favorite and don’t forget to go check out rocksbox that link will be in the description box and thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next week with a new video hi are you sitting down I got a million dollar no no no billion dollar idea you know a lot of your videos they’re like catering toward like organizations up like that gift it how about that’s organized.

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