Best place to buy a Newly Refurbished iPhone

Lots of people want to own an iPhone for many reasons. It looks very cool and classy to have an iPhone along with many of its other benefits. However, the iPhone is not that cheap and everybody cannot afford the latest version of it.

Even iPhone XR still has a high price and it is difficult for a lot of people to buy it fresh out from the store. You rarely find a reasonably priced iPhone. The only way to get an iPhone at a lesser price is to buy a refurbished iPhone that is in a good condition. The used iPhone does let you get the phone at a cheaper price but you have to check it carefully that whether the tradeoffs are worth it or not. Some of the things that you should keep in your mind before buying a refurbished iPhone are as follows.

What to look for In a refurbished iPhone

It would be perfect if you get a refurbished iPhone that has a warranty. It would also be good if it has an extended warranty. The storage capacity of the phone should not be less than 32GB because these days a 16GB will not be suitable for your usage. You should have enough knowledge about the features of the model of the iPhone that you want to buy.

Before making the final deal, make sure that all the features are working properly. The refurbished iPhone that you decide to buy must have a decent battery time and the charger should also work properly. Another important thing to do before buying the phone is to check for the hardware, the 3D touch sensor of the phone, the water damage sensor, touch ID and the overall body of the phone. You also have to confirm and make sure that the iPhone is not carrier locked and is not a stolen piece.

Some of the best places to buy a new refurbished iPhone are:

iphone refurbished


It is preferable to buy a new refurbished iPhone from Glyde because its rate of return is the best. The company explains all of its policies very clearly and gives you an option to stay and wait for a comparatively better price. The options for payment are also flexible. One thing that is inappreciable about Glyde is that there is no requirement from the buyers for posting a photo for verification. It can somehow help the scammers to do their job.


Gazelle is also a good place from where you can buy a used iPhone. Its resale process is very quick and simple. There is a process of inspection that makes it sure that the quality of the phone would be perfect. You have both the options of buying your refurbished iPhone through case payment or via credit card.


Amazon clearly explains the process of buying the phone and it offers a mailing label that is free of cost. However, it is difficult to find the trade-in links while using Amazon.


Swappa quickly approves the items that are posted on the website. It has a great ability for adjusting the listing. Its return rate is also good. However, it is inappreciable that you have to pay a mandatory transaction fee of PayPal that is ten dollars.

Best Buy:

The trade-in process of best buy is very simple and that’s a plus point. The staff of best buy handles the trade-ins quite efficiently. However, its return rate is low.


GameStop gives you an option to choose between your store credit and cash. The method is very clear and simple. However, you have to visit the store for completing your sale.


The transaction can be done in a simple way and it does not require from you to enter a lot of information. The company also supplies a label of free shipping. However, the return on sales is very low.


The policies of e-bay are very similar to that of Amazon. the website is user-friendly and the whole procedure is really easy to go through.

Apple also sells the refurbished iPhones and other products. You can check out the website of Apple for details. Some of the other companies that let you buy the new iPhones or other mobiles from them also give you an option of buying the refurbished iPhones from them. The companies like Gazelle, NextWorth and some other companies mentioned above are referred to as the used resellers. They offer appealing prices and a good protection plan as well. E-bay and Amazon are the online bargains; while using these websites you have to be cautious of scammers.

How to close the deal

After finalizing the deal, you are going to get your phone from the person by hand, make sure that you meet him/her in a public place. In order to make sure that the phone is not stolen, ask the seller to show the original receipt of the phone to you. You should also ask the seller to tell you about the return policy clearly. It is appreciable if he gives you some time to check the phone thoroughly, use it for 2-3 days and make sure that it works properly. It is also very important to check the IMEI number of the iPhone that you decide to buy. The phone should be checked thoroughly before you buy it and make sure that there is no signed account of iCloud on the phone.

To choose the best refurbished iPhone out of all the options available, you should do a lot of research, compare the features, specifications, and prices of iPhones from different websites and other platforms and then make a decision. If you do not have any experience of buying a refurbished phone before, you have to be extra careful. If you deal with a local bargainer, do not let him know that you do not have any experience of buying a used phone before, rather act like you have been doing this job for a long time. Otherwise, he will be tempted to scam you in one way or the other and then you will gradually start finding the flaws in your phone.

If you do know how to repair your old phone, you should check out this article to see where you can buy iPhone parts in China.

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