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So is it worth buying Chinese fake, jerseys anymore? Here I have two almost identical Manchester United jerseys.

One of them is real, and one of them is fake, but can you tell the difference between the two then explains how to save yourself a crapload of money by buying fake sports jerseys.

So, as sports fans, we know that if we’re to buy jerseys they’re going to cost an arm and a leg and effectively they’re just glorified t-shirts, so I don’t understand why they’re so expensive. I know teams have to make money somehow but come on. I mean look at the price of these things and yes, technically.

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I already made a video about this like a couple of years ago and in the couple of years since I last me that video a lot of stuff has changed. Quite literally Chinese counterfeiters are getting extremely good at what they do so good.

In fact, but most of the time you can’t actually tell the difference anymore. So, let’s see if you can spot the difference. As I said in the intro, we have two Manchester united shirts from this season, one real or one fake, but which one is which let’s see if you can spot the difference.

Okay, so first impressions, they look virtually identical. The colors are virtually the same. The one on the left has a slightly more orange hue, and the one on the right has a slightly more scarlet hue. What, if you took, compare them side by side indoors, they look virtually identical. The stitching is about the same.

For both jerseys and if you look carefully at the crest, you can see that the one on the left has a thicker crust than the one on the right, but on first impressions they look virtually identical. The sponsor logos are pretty much identical for both the embroidery for the Adidas logo.

Well, the one on the left has a thinner logo than the one on the right and if you were to look carefully the prints, the ironed on prints that they’ve added to the Caesars jerseys or actually thicker on the one on the right. Of course, a look at the material and they’re both pretty much exactly the same pattern, exactly the same smell them they look virtually identical.

The only other noticeable difference is that the one on the left has a slightly thicker, color and sleeves than the one on the right. But ultimately, if you compare these two side-by-side, there’s virtually no difference so can you actually spot the difference yourself and furthermore, can you tell which one is fake?

If you said that the one on the left was fake, you’d be wrong because the one on the left is a real one and the one on the right is a Chinese fake. But here’s the thing, there’s virtually no difference between them anymore. Yes, a few years ago, it would have been brutally obvious to figure out which one is a fake Jersey which one’s a real one, but, like I said Chinese counterfeiters are getting so good.

Now that it’s almost impossible to tell the only real difference between them is the price, and I know that price I’d rather pay. Thats all well and good nin, but you didn’t show us the backs of the jerseys. Well, the backs of the shirts currently look like this wait. What the is that? Okay? Okay, let me explain why I have this abomination printed on the back of the fake jersey. The story started a few weeks ago when I watched the Manchester United legend’s game and David Beckham, putting on a Manchester United shirts warm last time and it was freakin awesome.

I then decided to buy the shirts and to try and have Beckham number seven printed on the back of it. Like, you know, every other fan, so I went to the United mega store and I bought the real shirt for give 65 pounds. I then took it from the mega store cashier to the mega-store printing section to have it printed with David Beckham numbers, seven on the back of its where they proceeded to tell me: no, what do you mean? No, no, we can’t do it and why not?

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