Where to Shop in Singapore?

Singapore, despite being a small island country, is known to be one of the best shopping destinations in the world. The incredible shopping malls of Singapore are one of the biggest tourist hotspots. Visitors can be blown away with the novelty and gigantic size of the shopping malls. For people, who prefer outdoor shopping need not get disappointed either. The Chinatown and Little India also provide an exquisite shopping experience.

We have listed the top 5 shopping destinations that will give full satisfaction to your shopaholic self.

Top 5 Places to Shop in Singapore

  1. Orchard Road

First and foremost is Orchard Road which stretches through 2.2km with megamalls surrounding it and making it the biggest shopping hub in Singapore. ION Orchard, as well as Paragon house, are known to house the best designer brands you would ever need. The best part of Orchard Road is that it also has places like Lucky Plaza to get the best bargain. There are also a number of bars and restaurants with some really nice and cheap food places too. Hence making it a shoppers paradise.

2. Chinatown

This is a place where spending one whole day or maybe a week will not be enough. The street market that stretches every night from Pagoda, Trengganu, and Sago street is the best ever. You will feel as if you are exploring a little China. It has stalls with traditional Chinese candles, clothing, artwork and even eateries that have the best Chinese delicacies. You definitely don’t want to miss this when in Singapore.

3. Vivo City

Being the largest shopping mall in Singapore, it is known as the lifestyle center with a rooftop amphitheater, 15 cinema screens, an open-air playground and even an art gallery. There is definitely no dearth of bars and restaurants along with stores and outlets of all the popular brands. You can do much different of activities just by going to Vivo City.

4. Haji lane

The very amazing and narrow shopping lane with vintage boutiques and stores is a nice break from the malls. It is very colorful and decked up the place which is known to be a hipster-haven. It provides a unique shopping experience and is great to hang out in the evenings too. The marvelous little street has some very nice bars with great ambiance to hang out in the evenings.

5. Little India

little indian sg

Little India has the cheapest ready-made clothes in Singapore. It has beautiful and radiant colors with exotic sounds and smell of Indian food. The curry houses are known to have the best Indian delicacies. It has a range of electronic shops, traditional Indian clothes as well as dress stores. It is also one of the must-go places in Singapore.

Singapore, being the hub of shopping places, it is difficult to choose the top five. There are definitely more incredible places for shopping but these are the highlights which must not be missed when you go to Singapore.

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